Saturday, November 22, 2014

Kootek Solar, Excellent. Particularly like the motion sensitive brightness feature in my opinion

The previous week. I search for information on the Kootek Solar Powered Garden Lights 16 LED Motion Sensor Detector Outdoor, so i have to tell.

Kootek Solar Powered Garden Lights 16

This Kootek(tm) Solar Light is the second generation battery upgraded to 1000mah LED cover upgraded to flat and dispersing design. Three Lighting modes Off/Dim/Bright Off during the daytime Dim light and Bright light is switched by PIR to save power at night i.e Dim light at night time to save power but will be switched to Bright light for about 30 seconds if PIR motion sensor .... Read more or Check Price

The opinions of the customers who bought this item

So far so good. I definitely update my review if the lights stop working prematurely. I like how they threw a faint light in their inactive state but once you get closer ... by Jay

These work really well. Li I put on a place near a vertical tube of water - which is located in a corner otherwise dark. by S. Crawford

This is a simple and bright this light is motion detection by solar energy. I was very surprised at how this was brilliant and I love how fades when detects no movement. by Duke

excellent. In particular as the luminosity function of the motion sensitive. a little more security. Use it at the entrance to garage for those dark nights when I get home late. by Daniel F. Stulac


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